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A Trip Through Europe’s Vineyards

A Trip Through Europe’s Vineyards

Wine, the “nectar of the gods”, is enjoyed worldwide. To find its best aromas, nothing like going to the source....
A Breath of Fresh Air
Portugal / Ponta Delgada
  • 10:30 Leave Ponta Delgada heading to the volcanic formation of Sete Cidades and make a stop at Empadadas and Rasa lagoons;
  • 11:30 Before arriving, the Carvão lagoon is another mandatory stop, surrounded by the greenish Azorean forest;
Germany / Berlin
In 2014, Berlin celebrated 25 years of the fall of the wall. The rebirth of Germany’s capital reaffirms its pioneer position in modern and contemporary architecture.
Some things are only exist or happen in Panama. Let us find out some of them.