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Europe’s Summer Music Festivals

Europe’s Summer Music Festivals

Summer is in full swing! With it come the festivals that make millions of people travel through Europe to see...
Hills, Time Jumps and Secret Passages
France / Lyon

Hills, Time Jumps and Secret Passages

  • 09:00 Start with a classic French breakfast in a cafe in Place St-Jean. Near the metro station Vieux Lyon, the oldest part of the city.
  • 09:30

    Search for the Cathédrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Lyon, known for its stained glass windows details, natural light and the astronomical clock!

Blessed with a rare beauty, Venezuela is the perfect destination for nature lovers. Put on your hiking boots (and your beach sandals) and discover the world in its purest form.
Spain / Asturias
In the northern Spanish coast, there is a charming principality, once a reign of 13 kings. Wildlife and culture meet in between the tales that history tells.
Germany / Hamburg
In northern Germany lies one of the most special cities in the country. Challenge yourself and have a surprise with what Hamburg has for you.