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Is This Country Real?

Is This Country Real?

Seems impossible, but it is. From fjords and glaciers to islands and lakes, the midnight sun and the northern...
Expo 2015: The World Gathered in Milan
Italy / Milan

Expo 2015: The World Gathered in Milan

For 184 days, Milan asks the world to put knowledge to the service of a greater good. Foodies and scientists on...
Wine, the “nectar of the gods”, is enjoyed worldwide. To find its best aromas, nothing like going to the source. Book a trip through Europe’s Vineyards! 
Norway / Oslo

A Breath of Fresh Air

Portugal / Ponta Delgada
  • 10:30 Leave Ponta Delgada heading to the volcanic formation of Sete Cidades and make a stop at Empadadas and Rasa lagoons;
  • 11:30 Before arriving, the Carvão lagoon is another mandatory stop, surrounded by the greenish Azorean forest;