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7 Flavour Wonders of Salvador
Brazil / Salvador

7 Flavour Wonders of Salvador

Salvador has colourful streets, echoes of poets, music, samba, a simple desire to be happy and flavours that...
Miami Sun
Spain / Bilbao
There are many ways of exploring the Basque capital. Discover seven traditions you must follow when visiting Bilbao!
Czech Republic / Prague
  • 09:00 Have breakfast at Café Montmartre (Řetězová street, 7). Jaroslav Hašek, a Czech writer known for his satire and bohemian lifestyle, was a regular patron.
  • 10:00 Catch a bus to the banks of the Vltava river and visit the Charles Bridge.
Morocco / Marrakech
Narrow streets, crowded squares, ancient temples, colourful markets… each step in Marrakesh is a journey in itself!