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8 Historical Figures From Poland

8 Historical Figures From Poland

A country at the heart of Europe, in the centre of all revolutions, originated people that surpassed borders and...
The Best of Frankfurt in 24 Hours
Germany / Frankfurt

The Best of Frankfurt in 24 Hours

  • 09:00 Start your tour at Kaiserdom, a Gothic cathedral where kings and emperors were once crowned. Right in the city centre.
  • 10:00 Head for Römerberg. The historic centre’s main square was rebuilt after World War II. Enjoy the classic and medieval Frankfurt.
Brazil / Natal
City of the sun. City of dunes. Natal has several nicknames and deserves each one of them. With an extensive to-do list of activities, choosing is the only hard part.
France / Nice

One doesn’t simply go to Nice ’s beaches for sunshine — here you can also absorb the historic charming atmosphere of the Côte d’Azur. Welcome to French Riviera!

Croatia / Zagreb
  • 10:00 In Donji Grad district, Zagreb’s downtown, walk to Britansky tgr and drink a cup of coffee in one of the terraces. On Sundays the square becomes the biggest open sky market in town.
  • 11:00 Take the rest of the morning to visit Lenuci Horseshoe. Here you can find seven squares and parks with fountains and statues which takes us back to the 19th century.